Hello, and welcome. As i am bad at writing intros, and these tutorial series is pretty long, let’s get straight to the point. We are gonna be building an interactive nativescript app that uses the Mapbox module to inform the user of nearby pins. The map is always centered in users current location, and he can only see pins that are 200 meters far form him. The user can also create a pin, but only at his current location, so basically it is like leaving notes for someone, and picking up other peoples notes.

Throughout this tutorial, we are going to cover basic user authentication, make a small introduction to Sails.js and its Waterline ORM, see how to store geospatial data in MongoDB, and retrieve only the data in a certain distance radius. As for the app part, we will be covering basics of Nativescript, Angular2 and Typescript, see how to create your own plugins, and how to hook our app to our api. This tutorial is not for beginners, as you should have a solid Javascript knowledge to understand how this works. Java or Objective C/Swift knowledge is a plus.

Enough with the talking, here is how it is going to look











I will try to give you an overview of how this was build, and explain the basics of the technologies used. As i will not show all of the code, go ahead and copy the the Sails.js API named discovery, and the Nativescript app named footprints projects from github to have as a reference while you read this tutorial.

First, we are gonna build our API, so lets get started ->